5 Common Errors in the English Language - How to Avoid them?

May 05, 2021

English is such a beautiful subject with a lot of phrases and quotes. But some people don’t properly use the language, which is the reason for doing common errors in English. To prevent such errors, you have to strengthen the depth of the subject. Do you want to know how? Well, start loving the subject, and play with the words in your leisure time also. The English teachers can teach you with guidelines but you have to apply those rules while studying. 
You may be acquainted with various idioms and phrases, but various confusing terms may make things confusing and difficult to understand and study. So, why don’t we go to the roots and study the facts where we are wrong. Check out some common mistakes in the English language that you can try to avoid:

1. Problem in Punctuation

Honestly, not only students but many educated people also skip commas and semi-colons because the usage is quite confusing. There are various grammar-minded writers and editors for whom punctuation is a source of actual contention. Some punctuations are a matter of style such as “we’re”, and others are necessary to be used in a proper place. If you want to score high, then you should try to practice the lessons of English grammar. Some of the major things we often forget are:

  • Comma
  • Apostrophes 
  • Quotation
  • Colon
  • Semi-Colon

For example, “Lets eat” is a wrong sentence. The correct sentence is “Let’s eat”. Another mistake we often do is a mistake in giving a comma. For example, “Should we go granny?” The correct phrase - “Should we go, Granny?” 

How to Avoid this Error? 

You need to understand the expression of the words and the language before you write. It is necessary to understand where to break the sentence with a punctuation mark or where to keep the words the same.

2. Misuse of Preposition

The second common error students often do in English grammar is the misuse of the preposition. Haven’t you seen students often write ‘in’ instead of ‘at’ or ‘for’ instead of ‘of’? So, these are such mistakes that may work for a longer time. You need to make your base in the language strong by practicing the chapter of preposition regularly. Moreover, it is also necessary to understand what the actual point is when you do mistakes. 
There are some common rules about the usage of the correct preposition in an actual place. For example, if you are talking about a plat that “I live in London.” It is a correct word, and you cannot write ‘at’ instead of ‘in’. You can write - “I will arrive at 9 pm.” So, in this case, you cannot use the preposition, ‘in’. 

How to Avoid this Error? 

Make your mind clear and focus on the usage of the prepositions for each sentence. The best way to avoid these common errors in the English language is a lot of practice. Always remember, practice makes human being perfect, whether it is a calculation in Maths or pronunciation of words in English.

3. Confusion in Usage of Articles

We know definite and indefinite articles or vowel and consonant. But don’t we do the mistakes after knowing that? Well, the confusion does not stand with ‘a’ and ‘an’. The actual problem starts between ‘a’ and ‘the’. Sometimes students mess up with the usages such as - “Udaipur is the beautiful city.” Do you think it’s a correct sentence? No, the right sentence is “Udaipur is a beautiful city.” If you write the sentence as “Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities.” This is the correct usage of articles. 

How to Avoid this Error? 

Now, you may ask how to clear the concept? It is not rocket science. You just need to write and practice more for avoiding all the common mistakes that you do in English grammar.

4. Usage of Long Sentences without Break

Sometimes long sentences are necessary but not at all times. If you write long sentences in your write-ups or essays, you may lose the essence of English. Short sentences and paragraphs always increase the perfect readability. Also, good readability can increase the positive views of the readers. 

How to Avoid this Error? 

Do not think from the perspective of a student. Try to think from the perspective of a writer. You should make practice that your writing is not only for an examination but also for the audience who are reading your magazines or articles. This will give you a perfect scope to perform better. Therefore stop doing the common mistake of writing long sentences and paragraphs.

5. Mixing of Adverb with Adjective

Along with other mistakes sometimes students mix adjectives with adverbs. This is usually done by native English speakers. Some students forget the technical usage of adjective and adverb. They write adverb instead of an adjective.  

How to Avoid this Error? 

You need to remember adjective describes a noun and an adverb describes a verb. Well, if this common rule is in your mind then you may not mash-up both the things or get confused.

Final Note

Right and wrong are the parts of life, but as a student, your perception of learning should work with practice and hard work. You need to understand how to avoid common errors of English by practicing hard and identifying the faults. Those follies can be the real reason for degrading the scores. Well, if you want to avoid these common errors in English, don't hesitate to book our free trial class. Our experts are ready to help you.



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