How to Score More in English Literature – Pro Tips As recommended by Wizert English Experts

Sep 04, 2020

English Literature is just not an interesting subject to have but it’s like a lifetime journey that gives you many wonderful experiences. But at the same time some students find it quite tough to score. So before you start studying your prior task will be deciding the steps you need to take to mend your issues with this subject. Let us discuss the ways by which you can get high scores in English literature.

Start As Soon As Possible

Start early and don’t wait for studying the night before your exam. Specifically when we are talking about English literature, you never know what kind of questions might be asked, it could be anything like analytical questions, contents or something else. If you are taking tuition classes then follow whatever your tutor says to prepare for the subject. So take time and try to familiarize yourself with the complicacies of the subject.

Take Your Own Test

Pen down everything in a detailed form as much as you can recall from your first reading sessions, also write the things you can recall from your class lectures that your teachers have said during the semester session. If you start your syllabus by doing this, it will really turn fruitful for you and also provide you with the idea on which areas you need to give more effort.

Solve sample questions

Try to solve sample questions as much as you can, by doing this you can get a clear out look about the things you are are familiar with and the things you need to mug up. So solving sample questions provide you with the idea of a better study plan

Re-read your text

You might have already read the text a zillion times during your class, but when it comes to exam you need to remember things in a firm way so that you don’t forget while writing your paper. So to ensure that re-read the text, it helps you to find the fall outs.

Try figurative language

Some of the authors use pretty difficult techniques like similes, metaphors, and personifications in order to emphasize their writing. These might be pretty difficult to understand the literary work you are reading so try to understand it using figurative language.

Re-read passages

Specifically in poetries, some poets use unconventional languages and words to make a powerful impact on their readers. This might be bit confusing if you are reading it for the very first time, but if you re-read the lines again and again that seems pretty hard to understand you can easily get the things and you never know it might interest you.

Read the footnotes often used in text books it will help you to understand the meaning of the passages that seems really confusing and hard to understand.   

Try Not To Skip

When you are reading poems or plays, a detailed reading session is pretty important. If you are thinking of skipping the stage directions in plays you will end up missing some really important information. The way words are crafted in poems are precisely chosen to give an intense impact on readers so missing a word could even harm your understanding. So try not to skip even a word for you better understanding.

Read out passages aloud

Though this process is ideal for reading poetries and plays, but you can also try it for reading prose that seems hard to understand for you. Reading a language aloud helps you to understand and point out certain things like alliteration, rhythm and repetition, which you might be asked during your exam.

Make flash cards

If you find it quite difficult to remember things, then make some flash cards for yourself. Sometimes the transfer of material from one medium to another provides you with better knowledge to understand the subject. Let us tell you that flash cards will turn pretty helpful for you to memorize certain things like names of some characters and literary terms. But remember these flash cards are only helpful to remember short terms it might not turn fruitful if you try to remember or mug up complex information.

Adopting these study habits will help you to score more marks in English literature. But try to be dedicated with your studies otherwise it won’t be that helpful. Beside these follow class lectures and whatever your teacher suggests. And above all start your syllabus as early as possible otherwise you won’t be able to mug up your vast syllabus.

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