How to Score More in Your English Examination?

Jul 16, 2021

English is one of the important subjects in most academic grades, and passing it with a good percentage, can define career prospects. As per the school and college academics, teachers and academic experts give utmost importance to English and try to impose the same sense of seriousness amongst the students for this subject.

But, even with all of the combined efforts, students do lack the potential to score well in the English examination. If teachers and students are co-operating to the best of their knowledge, then where is the actual problem? The problem lies within the fundamental understanding of the subject.

Therefore, this article here intends to give an impactful knowledge of how you can score more in your English examination. These tips or advice should be implemented, by combining it with the academic-style learning offered by the teachers, for best results.

1. Spend Time On Mastering the Summary & Letter Writing Formats

Completing the curriculum in schools and colleges is tiring at times. And in the pursuit of completing the lessons, teachers often prefer to reduce the practice time for letter writing and summary writing, which is one probable cause of suppressing the proficiency of students in this subject.

Hold on to the focus and understanding of the lessons according to the curriculum, and self-practice the summary and letter writing skills. When you implement ideal measures for improving your skills in writing letters or summaries, you will inch towards perfection while appearing examination for the same.

Letter Writing Formats

One major point you need to keep in mind while writing letters is that the introduction and conclusion should leave an impression in the mind of the reader. And for the summaries, you need to ensure that you do not forget to highlight the moral of the story in its conclusion. Keep these key points in mind, and you will master letter and summary writing for sure.

2. Learn to Attend the Comprehension Passage Questions

Whether you appear in your Class 10th, 12th, or College semester examinations, the English papers have a comprehension passage question with a good lot of marks. And this is the area where you should not compromise on any of the scoring opportunities. Therefore, it is important for you to understand how to approach the comprehension questions.

You need to start reading the questions that are specified, following the passage, first. Yes, you read it right! Before you read the passage, it is important for you to analyze the questions and keep them in mind. So that, when you read the passage, you can pinpoint the answers to the questions asked below. As time is crucial in any examination, this tip or advice is going to help you save a lot of it.

It is better to put up the immense practice of attending comprehension questions before attending the actual examination. The more you practice, the more confident you will be in attending this scoring question. Prefer not to leave any questions or get anything wrong in this area, as this is going to help you score a good percentage in the subject.

3. Writing Skills Do Count!

As it is the English subject exam, your writing skills will be accountable for your grading or marks. The more fluent you are in your vocabulary and grammar, the better will be your writing skills. It will eventually help you frame the sentences in a proficient manner to leave an impactful impression in the mind of the evaluator. You need to put up a correct answer in a different presentation than others in your class. In this way, you will get the attention of the evaluator.

And for that, you need to develop a habit of reading newspapers and writing stories. The more you write over time, the more you will be correct in terms of grammar. No one here is a God of the English Language! And everything you achieve is out of practice! So, never stop your reading and writing habit, as it will enhance the writing skills that will eventually help you score good marks in your examination.

4. Take Note of the Important Points

In English literature, we do study the plays of famous English playwrights such as ‘As You Like It,’ ‘Macbeth,’ and others. And those plays do have character sketches and dialogues within them. Class 10th and Class 12th board examinations put up selected sections with questions from the play, and without ideal character, story plot, and dialogue knowledge, attending these questions is quite difficult.

Therefore, it is important that you take note of the important characters and study about them separately. Following that, mark the hook dialogues that you think are important. In addition, mark the anecdotes shared by the characters within the particular play that might be a possible arena for the experts to frame questions for your English examination. Moreover, follow the workbook of those plays to get a simplified version of those dialogues for better understanding.

Equal Importance

Not just these plays, but all of the other English literature topics should be approached for preparation in this manner. It will help draw your attention towards the priority topics and points over others. Hence, you won’t be wasting time preparing the less important topics by omitting the ones that actually need your focus and attention.

5. Give Equal Importance to All of the Study Materials

You need to give equal importance to all of the study materials available for the subject. Most of the students prefer only the workbooks that have answers to probable questions in them. In the process, they neglect the textbooks and classroom notes that are also of utmost importance. Do your thorough revisions from all of these materials while you are preparing for your English examination.


These are the five important topics or advice that you should keep in mind while you are preparing for your English examination. English is evidently an easy subject to score good marks! But just like any other subject, it demands seriousness and dedication. Therefore, students need to regularly study English and simultaneously can enjoy the subject as well.  


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