The importance of Pronunciation and Accent in Spoken English

Dec 29, 2020

A funny thing about English language is the levels of understanding one can create is by speaking. Those individuals who learn with the right pronunciations can be understood easily than those who pronounce in the wrong way. A wrong pronunciation even with perfect grammar is difficult to understand. Whereas right pronunciations with imperfect grammar can help pass your message across.

By the time an individual realizes this flaw, he/she may begin to avoid speaking in the language. Today, English is a very common and a required language, those who cannot speak this language may slip into isolation, low self-confidence and in some cases depression.
It is difficult to get a well-paying job or a rewarding recognition if the communication skill with the primary language, English is not up to the mark. Large numbers of people judge others plainly on their communication skills. Great fluency in the language makes us believe the person is well read and educated. On the contrary, a person with meagre communication skills is regarded illiterate and less knowledgeable. This is also one of the reasons why knowing the perfect pronunciation and the accent is necessary.

Many people feel getting the right pronunciation in the English language is a task. Many seek help from a teacher or from a fluent speaker. Language barrier is created merely by not using the right pronunciation and accent while speaking. Thus, while learning a language, special focus on the pronunciation should be placed.

In spoken English, learners should relate to the sound of the word, stress laid on it and the pronunciation of it very minutely. Effective communication can take place only when the speaker has the correct accent of the language. The only thing mutual between the speaker and the listener is communication and if the words in the sentence are not framed well, it may lead to a disturbed conversation. Many people try to speak English in the accent of their native language. This also does not give out a good impression. Thus, working on the accent and the pronunciation is very important when it comes to speaking a new language. Verbal communication can be successful when the words are framed well, grammar is properly used and pronunciations are spoken in the right way.

Pronunciation does not develop overnight and requires a great deal of practice. Pronunciation comes from habits and by repeating the words over and over again. Learners should know the sound effect of the words to pronounce it in the right way. However, when an individual learns a new language, he must not relate anything with his mother tongue.

English comprises of many words which are similar when written but different when pronounced. There are different stresses and vocabulary powers when one speaks the words in the language. This requires attention and practice. However, English can be mastered over time with proper sound effects, accent and pronunciations. English can be overcome after committing a series of mistakes while communicating. However, one should not give up in the learning process.

Learners should also understand the importance of proper voice tones, stress, timing, rhythm and phrasings. Learners should also be taught how the voice tone should be in different situations. Certain words should be pronounced in a high tone while some would be in a low tone. Understanding these differences help in improving the pronunciation of the speaker to a very large extent. Knowledge of proper sounds and words can even make the speaker sound local and not a foreigner. This helps in boosting the confidence of the speakers as they are well versed with the dialect of the linguistic. English is a fun language only when it has been taught and understood well. A lot depends on the learning and grasping abilities of the speaker too.

Final word…

English is unlike other languages because the writing and the pronunciation are completely different. This makes the language very unique and different from others. Those who wish to master this language need to know the basics of the language which is the correct pronunciations and accent.

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