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Past Simple vs. Past Perfect – Differences and Usage

If you’re learning English, being able to speak in detail about the past can help you sound like a native. This requires an understanding of past simple and past perfect tense so you can use them correctly. Also, making a difference between them is important if you don’t want to sound

Nov 20, 2021 English Learn English
Milena Popova

11 Popular Abbreviations All English Speakers Should Know

We live in a world of online communication and digital writing, so we can’t really avoid abbreviations. They are as popular as selfies in terms of chat rooms and messengers.

Nov 16, 2021 English Learn English
Milena Popova

8 Tips to Memorize New Words Faster

How long it would take you to learn the English language depends on how fast you will learn new words, among other factors. You can be excellent at grammar, but if you’re not trying to expand your vocabulary, you won’t get far. Memorizing new words, however, is not always ea

Nov 13, 2021 English Learn English
Milena Popova

17 Pairs of English Words That Sound the Same but Have Different Meaning

If you’re an English language learner, you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of words that sound the same but have a completely different meaning. Most of them are spelled differently, so recognizing them is easier when reading them rather than hearing them. These ar

Nov 10, 2021 English Learn English
Milena Popova

15 English Proverbs You Can Use Every Day

Every language and culture has proverbs, including English. These popular and timeless sayings usually provide a piece of advice or express truth using figurative language. They are fun to say and easy to remember, so using them will up your English by few notches. Here are some of the

Sep 04, 2021 English
Milena Popova

The Most Important English Grammar Rules You Should Know

Every language has its own rules to follow, and English is not an exception. Knowing its basic grammar rules will provide you with a solid foundation for writing and reading. And, it will help you understand how English grammar works, thus

Aug 14, 2021 English
Milena Popova

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous – Key Differences

The difference between present simple and present continuous tense is one of the most common confusions among students. Even though both tenses are used to describe actions happening in the present, they have many other uses that make them different. Knowing when to use and how to form

Aug 11, 2021 English

How to improve your skills in academic English

The demand for academic English skills is on the rise in recent times. While you may have a stronghold on the English language, you still need to improve your skills to excel in academic English

Jul 23, 2021 English