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Simple Past Tense – Uses, Forms, and Examples

Simple past tense is one of the most common tenses in the English language, but many English learners confuse it with Past Perfect tense since both are used to talk about completed actions that happened in the past. In order to understand this tense and use it correctly, you must learn

Sep 25, 2021 How to
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How to Use Must, Should, and Have To Correctly

Using must, should, and have to can be tricky for English learners. Even though these modal verbs express similar meaning, they have different usage, and using the wrong one can lead to misunderstanding in some situations. To help you understand these modal verbs better and use them cor

Sep 18, 2021 How to
Milena Popova

Affect vs. Effect - How to Use the Right Word

Affect and effect sound almost identical, yet they are different words with different meanings. A lot of people confuse them and use them incorrectly, especially those whose first language is not Eng

Aug 20, 2021 How to

10 Common Grammatical Errors That You Must Avoid In Sentence Constructions

When a writer is writing a paper, lots of effort is given like research, time management, editing, outlining, reading comprehension, and many others. However, a single grammatical error can affect all your efforts. The grammatical errors can change the whole meaning and construction of the senten

Jul 02, 2021 English How to

9 Great Novels That Can Help You to Improve Your English

Reading is one of the best practices to uplift your English knowledge. It is quite relaxing, fun and enhances your comprehension skills as well as vocabulary. It will help you in forming better sentence structures while you enjoy some interesting stories. Even though reading novels or books will

Jun 27, 2021 English How to

How Reading Benefits in Language Development

There are several ways to learn and develop language skills, including reading, speaking, writing, listening, and practising the particular language with any native speaker. Reading is one of the best ways to improve your language, whether you want to learn new vocabulary or want to express yours

Jun 22, 2021 How to

How To Learn English Through Picture Books

English is a global language with a massive international speaker base. This is the reason that parents across the globe give so much priority to make their children proficient in the language. In this context, they look for numerous methods of teaching. Learning through picture books certainly i

Jun 16, 2021 How to

When and How to Use the Present Perfect in English? Effective Rules !

English grammar is one of the most important factors that would help you learn the language. If your skills in the language or the subject are weak, it would negatively affect you. Most of the English teachers will ask you to improve your grammar skills by starting wi