Using Mobile Phones to Learn English – A discussion [Part 1]

Nov 24, 2020

Students can use mobile phones to learn various subject, including English, in engaging ways. While there are few tricks to make the process effective, mobile apps also play a major role to help derive maximum results from the procedure.

This is an age of information and technology. It is quite evident from the fact that technology is spreading its wings like wildfire. It is being integrated into almost all walks of life. From art and culture to sports and leisure, almost every aspect of life is being touched by technology. And the world of education is no exception at all. Different types of technologies are entering the classroom with every passing day. And all these are meant to make the process of imparting education as well as learning easier than ever before.

Technology is being integrated into education in various forms. And they are leading to the introduction of new forms of teaching and learning techniques. Some of these include uses of:

  • Game-based learning
  • Blended learning
  • Flipped learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • cloud-based learning
  • Mobile learning

Text books are fast being replaced by gadgets, which is also encouraging schools to allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This is also playing a major role to drive the learning process of the students.

Technology to Learn Languages

Technology is also being used to learn different languages. For example, a number of teachers are encouraging students to watch foreign movies with subtitles to have a grasp over the language. Besides, listening to music or using social media might also come in handy.

Like any other language, learning English too can be fun if technology is made use of in a proper way.

Want to learn English properly?

Mobile learning can be a great way for this.

In fact, mobile learning can be leveraged in multiple ways to help any student learn English in a proper way. There are several English teaching service providers, which make experts call on your mobile and help you learn the subject in an excellent way. Besides, quizzes on the mobile through SMS services can come in handy too. However, in recent times, the use of mobile apps to learn English is fast gaining ground.

Learning English with the Help of Trainers in the Smartphone

Learning any language is always a great idea. But it is not an easy task either. In addition to having a trainer for that, you need to self-learn the language as well. You have to engage in regular practice. And having a guide throughout this process helps significantly. It can help you to learn how to listen to others speaking English, comprehend, or even, speak the language yourself without any flaw.

To have a guide through your process of learning English, all you need to have is a smartphone. Because it’s the smartphone apps, which will play a major role in helping you master the language through training and practice. Besides, the smartphones also make use of voice-recognition technology, which ensures that you can learn how to speak a language as well.

Why Use Mobile for Learning a Language?

Do you think learning a language is an easy task? Of course not. It needs regular practice. And that’s why mobile learning seems to be the perfect procedure to learn a new language. Most of the students have the habit of remaining glued to their electronic devices, including the mobile phone.

So, why not make use of this habit and ensure that they enjoy learning the language? By using their mobile to learn, the students can:

  • enjoy the process of learning English
  • learn the language even while on the go

These ensure that they imbibe the language in the best possible way. And thus, a second language soon becomes a part of the student’s self.

With that, we will sign off for the time being. We will come up with the second part soon.

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