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Female / 25 Years


Farheen S.

Highest Qualification: B.Ed (English), MA (English Literature) Graduation (ENG Hons)
Years of Experience: 6 years
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10
CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IB Curriculum, British Curriculum, IGCSE Curriculum
203 Classes Taken
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Hello,my name is Farheen Saba and I'm from India.I have done my graduation from Vinoba Bhave University and Master's in English from IGNOU,New Delhi and B.Ed from Vinoba Bhave University.Teaching is my passion and even wants to help the learner to be confident and develop their skills.I have 6 years of teaching experience including ICSE ,CBSE and even state board (junior and seniors). I want to make the learner to broaden their academic performance and express their thoughts and opinions freely.I prefer teaching English literature, Grammar and different types of writing and even spoken English. I'm enthusiastic, confident, patient and use different ways to teach.I use innovative ideas and focus mostly on enhancing the learners knowledge and skills. I have taught more than 500 students and also did 1:1 tutoring online. I want to make the learner to explore themselves and develop their self-esteem. I want to make teaching more efficient and effective.

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