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Male / 30 Years


Phani .

Highest Qualification: BE
Years of Experience: 3 years
Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12
IB Curriculum, British Curriculum, IGCSE Curriculum
157 Classes Taken
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Teaching: A profession that helps me learn and evolve along with the students. Perhaps this is the most satisfying aspect of this profession. I can help my learners grow and measure their progress along with mine. I am an Engineer and chose teaching as my career due to the immense satisfaction it provides. Education – Language, Culture and Teaching are the most exciting fields to work for. As a teacher, I can shape individuals who become leaders in their chosen fields. They are leaders who meet the many exciting challenges of today and the future. Being a teacher offers excellent personal fulfilment – working towards improving education standards and be able to suggest the learners the right way. I chose language because these are the most interactive ones. I can understand the learners and help them gain higher-order thinking skills from various activities. Gamification of learning is most compatible with language teaching. The 80(practice)/20(teach) rule has always been my favourite. I include guided practice sessions, and also conduct independent practice in the classroom.

I encourage learners to take risks, ask questions and feel free to use the learning of the classroom among their peers. Most of the time, I concentrate on their fluency rather than stressing too much on the accuracy. In this way, the learners slowly recognize their errors and improve gradually. As a trainer, I only correct them when I feel it is indispensable.

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